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Dragons, Oddities, etc.

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October 12th, 2007

kishmet @ 08:37 pm: Update!
Well, seeing as I haven't updated scaleskish in forever, it seems as though it might be a good time for a post. :D Not that I've had much time to make dragons in these past weeks, but I've done a few!

They're all in here, on that page or on this one! The first one is Glimmer, and I don't remember if I'd posted about her before or not. She's going to Wales, like Dream. The second one is Quirk, who's another rainbow dragon but more... random. He's specked with all sorts of different colors all over him. Him I'm keeping forever, for sure.

The last ones are unusual and have completely different wings and feet from anybody else. They're from the several stories about red and white dragons, and generally represent the Saxons (white) and the Welsh (red). There's also that other story that involves Merlin and the building of a castle over two buried dragons. Somehow these guys always end up buried, tsk. These ones are named, um, Nemo (the white) and David (the red). Actually they're named Wiglaf (name from Beowulf) and Y Ddraig Goch (which, as far as I can tell, means "red dragon" or something close to it), but... I'm calling them Nemo and David. Haha. I'm a dork.

And so ends my thrilling update! :D

August 19th, 2007

kishmet @ 08:58 pm: It's that time again~!
Making about a dragon a day as I am (okay, a little less, but close!) I've got another update already! Um, I don't know if anybody cares. I'm kind of excited, though, since I've been playing with new designs and things. Hee.

Dragons! And a bit more etc. than usual.Collapse )

In conclusion, I really really really need to get a better camera. Maybe I can talk Mom into giving it to me before my birthday...

August 9th, 2007

kishmet @ 03:00 pm: Unicorns
Well, I have a lot of time on my hands these days, being under semi-house arrest and all. So I've been playing around with new designs, and I found one that I really like.

They're on this page in my LJ gallery. I'm linking to the gallery as opposed to the individual pictures because the thumbnails are actually clearer. XD;;

Anyway, the unicorns are very delicate, more so than most of my dragons. They're fantastically poseable, and they stand better than some of my other four-legged creatures. This is because I tried using 26-gauge wire instead of 28-gauge for their back legs, which makes their back legs sturdy enough to hold however I put them. Ryomacorn is rearing and everything! In case you couldn't tell, I'm slightly excited about this new development. XD My Pegasus stands up all right, but he's a little wobbly because of his skinny little legs and his enormous wings. I might give him 26-gauge back legs too, if I ever feel like going through the trouble of replacing them.

August 6th, 2007

kishmet @ 10:25 pm: Update! Omg!
Well, I'm not paying for this journal anyway, so I don't feel too bad about my continued usage of it. >.> Plus I really like the layout.

Anyway! I've got five new dragons, a couple of which will be for sale at Anime Central next year if nobody buys them online. Starting on this page of the Gallery, you can see Kei-chan, Spook, Syusuke, my black, pink, and silver boy, who will be named by his new owner, and my gold boy, who will either be named by me or by whoever buys him! Kei-chan is going to zoesque, Spook is going to kaorismash, and the black/pink/silver combo dragon is going to my friend Josh.

Syusuke and the gold were just for fun, really. XD As I said, I'd be making dragons anyway; now they've got someplace else to go once I'm finished!

July 30th, 2007

kishmet @ 11:57 pm: Updates! (New dragons, hee.)
I've been making dragons almost constantly for awhile now (like, the last two weeks, when I could find time XD), so there's a few new ones!

First, Febreze, who's already with her new owner. <3 The photos don't really do her justice.

Then there's Ghost, who was entered in the County Fair (she won second place in her division!) and just came home yesterday. She's pretty tiny and delicate, compared to my other dragons. She's got tattered wings, bloodstain-type coloring, and a pretty red ribbon. :D Ghost is going to be mailed to her new owner in Australia shortly.

Spinner is my new boy; he, like Ghost, was done with a sort of Halloween theme in mind. He's black with a hidden red and white underbelly and big glittery silver eyes that don't show very well in the photos. He's kind of big, comparatively.

Finally, there's Stream (as in data stream, er, for some reason). She's black and white with copper eyes and with an underbelly that matches her topside, only in reverse! I like her wings, personally.

Spinner and Stream will probably come to ACen with me, at least if no one buys them before then. They're good (I said, arrogantly) examples of a couple new things I've tried.

I'll have Kei-chan dragon up by tomorrow, in all his purple, lavender, gold and silver glory!

July 17th, 2007

kishmet @ 02:14 am: Info Post
Hi! If you're here I'm going to assume that you're interested in purchasing a dragon, or at least in looking at one. You can find the Gallery here. The pictures aren't as good as they could be, but I'm working on it. The Gallery doesn't contain pictures of all my dragons (my webcam won't even photograph some of them properly, and some are already in different homes), but there's a good enough selection that you can probably get the gist.

Pricing:Collapse )

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Colors Available:Collapse )

Other:Collapse )

Questions? Comments? Interested in making a purchase or complaining that my prices are too high or telling me to sod off? Leave a comment on this post or email me and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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