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Dragons, Oddities, etc.

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kishmet @ 02:14 am: Info Post
Hi! If you're here I'm going to assume that you're interested in purchasing a dragon, or at least in looking at one. You can find the Gallery here. The pictures aren't as good as they could be, but I'm working on it. The Gallery doesn't contain pictures of all my dragons (my webcam won't even photograph some of them properly, and some are already in different homes), but there's a good enough selection that you can probably get the gist.


  • Ordinary dragons (whatever that means) are $10 USD each, whether commissioned or purchased from the ones that already exist. I'd be making them anyway, just not necessarily in your particular color, after all!
  • Small dragons (see this size comparison picture to understand what I mean by that) are $7 USD each, $10 USD for a pair.
  • Anything four-legged, whether dragon, hippogriff, Pegasus, or otherwise will be $3 USD above the normal $10.
  • Pegasi, griffins, hippogriffs, and anything else that has the Pegasus-type wings will be $5 USD in addition to the $3 you'll pay for four legs. I love making them, but they're kind of a pain. XD; So if you want a Pegasus with the lacy wings, it's going to be $18 USD total.
  • Sea serpents are $13 because they're larger and more labor-intensive than dragons.
  • I only accept Paypal, because it's less risky both for you and for me. My Paypal email address is kishtrethya@gmail.com. If you have commissioned a dragon/something else, please wait to send your payment until your dragon is finished, photographed, and approved.

Edited July 31st at my mother's behest.
Shipping will be $3 USD to anywhere in the continental US; for anywhere else I will look for and give you a quote. To Europe shipping is relatively cheap, as is shipping to Australia and the Philippines (for some reason...), but Asia and elsewhere may be more expensive. Shipping covers not only actual postage costs but also the price of boxes, which I don't buy enough of (yet) to purchase in bulk. Shipping will be combined on multiple purchases.

Commissions: Most of my sales here will be commissions, mostly because I'm too attached to the dragons I already have. XD I accept commissions for all the types of creatures I create, and I'm always willing to experiment with something else. I've never done a griffin before, for example, but I'm almost sure that I could because I've done a hippogriff. If you want something that's not listed here, ask and ye shall receive!

All creatures are available to be commissioned in all available colors. You can choose either a solid color or a main color and an accent color; you can see what both look like in the Gallery.

Eyes come in silver, gold, and copper normally, but right now I've also got faceted brown, purple, and green, as well as snowflake obsidian, sparkly gold and silver, and cultured pearls in pale blue-green and gold. Other colors may be available upon request. Wire is silver by default, but I find it doesn't make much of a difference in the dragons' overall appearance.

Colors Available:
All of these bead colors are available at the moment. If any of them say "limited quantity" or anything like that, it just means I got them someplace weird and might not be able to find them again. For instance, the pastels came in a petri dish tower at Michael's, but as far as I can tell that store has never sold them again. Alas. Don't order something in a limited color just because it's limited!! Order whatever you like best, because chances are I'll get more of a limited color someday anyway.



Matte (no picture yet)


Pastel (Limited)




Dark Translucent (no picture yet; my sister stole them for something XD)

Medium Translucent

Light Translucent



Metallic (no picture yet)





Translucent (Limited) (no picture yet)

Dark Metallic/Mixed


Pastel (Limited)



Matte (no picture yet, but basically, black. XD)


Pastel (Limited)

Dark Translucent


Brown/Gold/Coffee Translucent Mix

White Matte

I've also done mixed beads in the past, which gives a mottled look. I have to mix these myself (the Brown/Gold/Coffee comes premixed, but nothing else does) so you're not guaranteed an even mixture. If you request a mix, please specify if you'd like more of one color than the others.

Other: These dragons are extremely hardy. I shipped Aja's wrapped in a few tissues, and M's and Sam's in nothing at all, and they all got to their destinations just fine. They can handle being dropped on the floor, posed in different positions, etc. I'm extremely clumsy by nature and I've never broken any of them. XD

Questions? Comments? Interested in making a purchase or complaining that my prices are too high or telling me to sod off? Leave a comment on this post or email me and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!


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Date:July 26th, 2007 06:17 am (UTC)
...LIES! XD I'm sure with a group of people, they'll pull you out of your asocial self. You'll have fun!
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