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Dragons, Oddities, etc.

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kishmet @ 11:57 pm: Updates! (New dragons, hee.)
I've been making dragons almost constantly for awhile now (like, the last two weeks, when I could find time XD), so there's a few new ones!

First, Febreze, who's already with her new owner. <3 The photos don't really do her justice.

Then there's Ghost, who was entered in the County Fair (she won second place in her division!) and just came home yesterday. She's pretty tiny and delicate, compared to my other dragons. She's got tattered wings, bloodstain-type coloring, and a pretty red ribbon. :D Ghost is going to be mailed to her new owner in Australia shortly.

Spinner is my new boy; he, like Ghost, was done with a sort of Halloween theme in mind. He's black with a hidden red and white underbelly and big glittery silver eyes that don't show very well in the photos. He's kind of big, comparatively.

Finally, there's Stream (as in data stream, er, for some reason). She's black and white with copper eyes and with an underbelly that matches her topside, only in reverse! I like her wings, personally.

Spinner and Stream will probably come to ACen with me, at least if no one buys them before then. They're good (I said, arrogantly) examples of a couple new things I've tried.

I'll have Kei-chan dragon up by tomorrow, in all his purple, lavender, gold and silver glory!


Date:August 3rd, 2007 02:45 pm (UTC)
Well, I did go the the Kriminal museum in Germany, which displays and describes in detail various medieval torture techniques. Its been a while though, so I might need a refresher course.

Umm, so yeah, let me know a day/night that's good for you. My last day of work is August 10 so I can only do nights before then, and I have a friend staying over from the 13-19 (she's cool, you'd like her), and we leave on the 19th, so anytime before August 19 is good. :)
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Date:August 7th, 2007 03:37 am (UTC)
...well I'm certainly not acting as a test subject. You could totally have my brother though, that'd be awesome. This reply is so late, by the way, because my parents were ready to kill me the last few days. Okay, not literally, but still. :P

Nighttime would be fine, if you wouldn't be too tired for it after your hard day's work. Let's see, not tomorrow or Wednesday, because mom's got that idiotic Back-to-School Fair to prepare for (which means I'm helping). Anytime after that would be cool! Which days are best for you?

I feel like a moron, since I could just, I don't know, CALL YOU. But typing is easier... XD
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