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Dragons, Oddities, etc.

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kishmet @ 10:25 pm: Update! Omg!
Well, I'm not paying for this journal anyway, so I don't feel too bad about my continued usage of it. >.> Plus I really like the layout.

Anyway! I've got five new dragons, a couple of which will be for sale at Anime Central next year if nobody buys them online. Starting on this page of the Gallery, you can see Kei-chan, Spook, Syusuke, my black, pink, and silver boy, who will be named by his new owner, and my gold boy, who will either be named by me or by whoever buys him! Kei-chan is going to zoesque, Spook is going to kaorismash, and the black/pink/silver combo dragon is going to my friend Josh.

Syusuke and the gold were just for fun, really. XD As I said, I'd be making dragons anyway; now they've got someplace else to go once I'm finished!


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Date:August 7th, 2007 06:56 am (UTC)
syusuke is so vibrantly blue. :o and the combo dragon? Tail is awesome, and reminds me of a heart. i don't think it's supposed to, but it does. *g* so cuteksjdagk:jsadklghs:h.

and oh. oh kish. i am so so so so so in love with the colors. god, i want to squish her, but that would be bad wouldn't it. XD;; i'll resort to cybertackleglomping you instead! :D:D:D

thank you kish. i really love her. god, i can't wait till i can actually hold her and attach her to tezuka!pouch. ♥_________♥


just so you know, all this has been typed with my pinky on the shift key. :D just activated the capslock so i don't seem crazy insane. jdskhgljkadhfgjkdafhlkadfhlkadfjh. love you. <3

excuse my while i go and cackle insanely in the corner. >d
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