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Hello, I'm Kish and I make dragons. This may sound odd, but it's true. Really. This community has been created for the selling of said dragons. These dragons are handcrafted from 28 gauge silver wire and size 10/0 Indian seed beads. Sometimes I use bugle beads as well, which are longer and therefore make for better spikes.

I also make other assorted mythical creatures. So far I've made all of those listed in the community's interests, but I'm always willing to try something new!

Basic Info:

  • Dragons - $10 USD
  • Sea Serpents - $13 USD
  • Hippogriffs & Pegasi - $18 USD
  • Other Four-legged Creatures - &18 USD
  • Shipping - $2 USD to the continental United States, $3 USD to anywhere else

For more information on dragon sales and commissions, look at the info post inside. :) Oh, also, you can't join the comm, but if you watch it I'll be posting updates on commissions and new designs and things. Maybe sale prices or other fun things sometimes too! I don't really know yet. XD Anyway, thank you for looking~!